Boundless Beginnings

Story Sharers Creative Writing Workbooks for Multiple Authors

...something incredible happens when teamwork happens the way it's supposed to happen. Things change when everyone on the team is equally invested in the overall purpose and goal. You find yourself working faster, finding mistakes more easily, and innovating better. - Megan Conley

Boundless Beginnings starts you off with a paragraph or two. The fist person writes their name in the left column and then continues the story in their space. When you run out of space you pass it on to the next person that picks it up from there and so on. When it's time to end the story you can have a story ending party and sit around to finish it off together as a group.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.– Henry Ford 

There is an assortment of story starters in this books. Some short, some long, some in the first person others in the third person. There is only one Story Sharer rule, you can't tell anyone what they should write.  Everyone gets to take the story anywhere they want. 
The more you write the easier it and more fun it gets. Get stuck? Don't worry, there is a tip section in the back to help you grow each story. Want to change something we wrote? Go ahead! It’s YOUR story.

What a great family activity.  These stories created together not only are great keepsakes but have sparked amazing dinner and car ride conversations.  The kids are now writing stories with friends too! - Momof3

Story Starters - for those that want to create the story on their own.

Boundless Beginnings is bringing fun back into creative writing!

Story Starters

Story Starters

Story Starters