How do we expect students to be creative if teachers give them the outline, the title, and the structure of their “creative writing assignment?” We give students model answers to memorize, we give a specific title to write a poem about, and we truly give them everything but the freedom to express their ideas.  Line Dalile

School curriculum can stifle a child's creative writing and thinking. Kids are overly concerned and anxious about handwriting, spelling, punctuation, word counts and right answers.

Creativity flows best with freedom and practice!

Our imagination it is our greatest ally . . . Imagination is a very, very powerful thing. It literally invents the path before you.  –Glen Hansard


Boundless Beginnings starts you off with a paragraph or two it's up to you where the story goes from there.

Get stuck?  No problem!  Each story has a couple of thought sparking ideas in the back.